A Blackjack Tournament for You to Play

There are some advantages to playing internet blackjack as opposed to blackjack in the casinos, or more informal games among peers and colleagues. Basically, online the game never gets personal and thus, the players need not juggle game strategies and traditional blackjack etiquette. The fact of the matter is that misunderstood gestures at the table, impatient or over-exhausted dealers have been known to manipulate this rather straightforward casino game to the extent that a player expecting to win finds himself without the winnings at the end of the game. However, this doesn’t necessarily make online casino blackjack any easier to win than a game of real life casino blackjack. For example, a popular blackjack strategy that has proved successful for a number of blackjack savants is called card counting.

As a matter of fact, a group of MIT students who formed a blackjack playing team and perfected the art of card counting became infamous for changing the game of blackjack and the way people play the game in the casino, adding a skill set that many wish to acquire. In this strategy the player actually eyeballs and tracks as many cards as he can see on the table, including the dealer’s in order to predict the card value that he may receive if he asks for another card. This can help the player predict whether or not he should stay with what he has, or increase his total card value to try to reach 21, or, if he will bust (go over 21) by requesting another card from the dealer. When you play blackjack online, the card deck is shuffled after each round and thus card counting becomes obsolete.

Thus, when a player desires to learn the game of blackjack and chooses an online venue to do so, it is advised to simply go back to the basics of blackjack in order to learn to play the best game that you can. The internet is a powerhouse of resources for learning how to play blackjack. Every day blackjack players make contributions to the limitless blackjack library that is available via the internet. Additionally, there is an advantage to playing online in that all of the information you need is in the same place as where you can play as many blackjack games, as you like. With online blackjack all you need is a computer upon which to play and some form of internet access.

There are innumerable free blackjack resources available on the internet. These sites, articles, electronic newsletters and blogs will teach blackjack rules and the different types of blackjack, including the difference between the London Deal and the Nevada Deal. Moreover, a number of online blackjack casinos will offer blackjack software that is for you to learn and practice from the comfort of your own computer, without having to spend a single cent. Eventually though, there is a high likelihood that you won’t be able to resist putting your skills to the test in a blackjack tournament.

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